dimanche 7 février 2016

Travel - Kyoto's flea market

Two years ago, Elsa took her first trip to Japan. She had been dreaming of it since she was 13 years old, and needless to say, it was an incredible experience. She went there with her best friend and they visited several cities, starting with Kyoto.

The plum trees were blossoming and people were just taking walks to admire it.
The city was also holding a giant flea market around a temple. There were coffee stands, plants, food and, most exciting, antiques!

 Elsa had been to many flea markets in the past but of course, this one was different: it was in Japan! Seen from afar, it was not so different from the one she used to go to in her hometown every year - but when you looked closer, it was nothing like it! Even the smallest or simplest things like kids toys were different.

But the most amazing part were the Kimonos: huge tables covered with vintage kosode and haoris, all the colours you can imagine and crazy patterns.

Kyoto used to be the imperial capital, which maybe makes it keep this somehow "traditionnal" style: there were a lot of people wearing traditionnal outfits - and it was a delight to see this display of kosode (the long jacket) and haori (the short jacket) "live".

Needless to say: Elsa got a little crazy and bought no less than seven haoris. Yes. Seven.
She kept most of them for herself or her friends and family, but she managed to save two of them for the shop!
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