dimanche 31 janvier 2016

DIY - Shibori

You know what it's like: you're travelling, you see a thousand amazing things, you think "Hey, I should totally try that at home!" and you come back from your trip filled with ideas and motivation.

While she was travelling in India, Marie was amazed to see all the dyers at work in the district of Shahpur Jat, in Dehli. It was crazy to see all the fabrics soaking in rich colours, then hung up to dry. The deep blue of the indigo, the bright yellow of the turmeric... Marie could already see herself trying this technique at home!

Elsa, as for herself, discovered the art of Shibori in Japan: the typical indigo patterns were everywhere. They seemed so intricate and yet so refined, how was it possible to get such a beautiful result with just fabrics, pleats and knots?

Two weeks ago, we decided to finally do it: cotton canvas, some indigo dye and rubber bands, and off we were, trying to handle the fine art of Shibori!

We started by pleating our canvas or tying rubber bands around wood beads. This is how you create the pattern of blue on white (or white on blue, depending on the technique you use).

We let it soak in the dye for 15 minutes. After that, the fabric gets its new colour. 

After removing the beads and the rubber bands, or after unfolding your fabric, you discover the result (and usually go "Wohaaaaa"...).

Ta-dah !!!

To display our first trial, we decided to make pillow cases and - we don't like to brag but - it turns out great!

Find out soon more designs on Marie's Etsy shop: Youplaloom
(And if you are wondering where to find another of this little guy sitting next to the pillows, visit Elsa's shop:

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