dimanche 21 février 2016

Behind the scenes - Photo session at Les Indécises...

Last week, we received ten boxes of vintage objects that Marie found during her last stay in France, for Christmas holidays. 

We took three days to take pictures of each object - yes, there were so many of them that it took this long.

There were old silver jewels, and we used a grandma recipe to clean them: foil, baking soda and hot water. It smelled like rotten eggs but the result was stunning! The jewels got from black to shiny silver! Plus, the experience was fun and made us feel like it was biology class time again...

Sometimes, during photo sessions, we have surprises and discover treasures we hadn't seen in the first place, when we found our objects. 
Like this leather bag that Marie found: while opening it to clean the inside, she discovered a golden printed note ...

"XIIIth Confederal Congress
Labor Force
10th to 13th May 1977

A collector's piece!

We also found other treasures... of another kind...

"Women are fascinated by strenght... 
Men prefer charm"


We also had fun re-shooting these beautiful leather shoes. They matched Elsa's socks so well!

Of course, it was a lot of work and sometimes a bit exhausting, so we found ways to relax... 

Now these treasures and more are online! 
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