samedi 27 février 2016

DIY - Build a retro poster hanger with wooden rods

As a geographer, cartographer and vintage addict, you can imagine my joy when I found fifteen abandoned vintage Rossignol school maps from the 50s and 60s! I was so excited that I adopt all of them right away. I offered three maps to three good friends and kept another two for me. 
When I wanted to hang the maps on my wall, I realized I didn´t know where to buy frames with the right dimensions (90 x 75 cm)... and which fitted my (very) tiny budget. 

So I started thinking to something I could do by myself with a low budget and only few basic tools.

I wanted to keep the retro design of the school posters. Smy first thought was to build a hanging system with wooden rods. 
 Besides, as the maps are printed on both
sides, I can change sides in two minutes and have the feeling I have a new wall decor!

I looked on the Internet and found some tutorials. But they were all using glue to fix the poster between the rods... and I didn´t want to damage my maps. I decided to try it with magnets instead of glue
Here is a step by step tutorial, so you can build your poster hanger too!

  • Budget: 10 to 15€ (without the saw) 
  • Material you will need :  
- 4 wooden rods of your poster length (or width) as minimal size
- a meter
- a wood saw
- glue
- 16 small but powerful magnets (here 10x2 mm)
- sandpaper
- string

Saw the wooden rods to the size you need (here 90 cm). It can be at the exact size of your poster or a bit bigger, so it extends on each sides.
You will need four pieces of rod: two for the top and two for the bottom of your poster.

Sand the ends of each rods to make it look nice. 
At this stage you can also paint the wooden rods if you want to. I decided to keep the natural color.  

Glue the magnets on the rods.
I put 4 magnets on each rod. 

For this step, you have to pay attention to a few things: 
- the magnets are right in front of each other, with the rods turned in the same position as they will be once they hang the poster. 
- the magnets are glued on the right side, so they don´t repulse each other.

Put your poster between two magnetized wooden rods.

Add a hanging system. I chose to attach a string on each rod end. You can also use clips.

Hang it on your wall, contemplate your work and take a break!

 Make yourself a tea or a coffee, eat a piece of chocolate... you deserve it!

 For me, it will be a "planning trip" break. Let´s stick to the maps and wanderlust theme! 

Indeed, I will visit the Baltic states in May, starting with Latvia. If you have any good addresses (especially regarding flea market), I will be glad to read from you! 

You can find our french school maps selection on our online shops!
And there: Les Indecises Vintage on Tictail

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