dimanche 24 avril 2016

Travel - Flea markets in Japan

In march, I visited Japan for the second time. As I wrote in a previous article, I had already been to a flea market in Kyoto two years ago, and the perspective of going back there and hunt vintage treasures for Les Indécises shop was more than exciting. Before the trip, I had carefully planned my "Flea Market Route" through Japan. 

Lucky me! During the two weeks I spent there, I had the chance to wander around three huge flea markets! One in Kyoto, one in Osaka and one in Nagoya.

Always under a bright blue sky, I took my time to wander around the alleys, checking each stall carefully, rummaging through dusty boxes to find the ultimate treasure... 

And I found so many! Tiny treasures which probably looked random to the local people, but looked amazing to me! For sure, treasure hunt is even more fun when it happens on the other side of the globe, and when it involves objects you have never seen before...

Of course, I also got to admire the temples around me, the cherry trees which were just about to blossom, and simply take my time and enjoy...

 All of my finds are getting available on the shop, piece by piece

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Credit: all pictures are from Osaka flea market, taken by Elsa Pitseleh.

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